See What Was Found In The Vehicle Of Suspected Yahoo Boys: (Pictures)


The car accident that occurred in Abeokuta on Sunday along the Kuto Flyover Bridge has opened a very important clue to unravelling the identity of the two occupants of the unfortunate car.


A closer look inside the car revealed that the occupants of the car are probably Yahoo boys.

On the driver’ s seat, was a white plastic container that is commonly used to make white soap for any spiritual bath of which has been a trademark of most of the Yahoo guys. Also, on the car owners side, there was another white container and some rubber cups that are generally used for drinking liquor.

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Meanwhile, some schools of thoughts at the scene of the accident believe that either the two occupants of the car were just coming back from a spiritual exercise going through the plastics found in the car, which could have triggered the accident as a likely way to increase their riches.


Another school of thoughts believed that they could have been drunk and this could have led to the accident.

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